I Got My 29 Year Chip…

But That’s Not AA…

I went to a noon meeting on February 18 and when they asked if anyone was celebrating a milestone, I said that I have 29 years, so they gave me a chip so of course I felt obligated to put a dollar in the basket.

I don’t care about chips. I don’t even care about my anniversary really… but there was a woman there with one day – that’s who I care about. The rituals that have grown up in AA are just that – rituals.

I was not going to create controversy by refusing the chip. Then of course we had to pass it around so people could “pray on it” or put their “ju-ju” on it. It’s bunk! But it’s a cult thanks to treatment.

The chip companies are alive today because we buy chips – but it’s not a part of AA. It would be nice if we just made chips special for our sponsees but we are way too busy for that these days. The existence of the Chip Companies is a violation of the 9th Tradition – because we have become so organized that our anniversaries are celebrated with chips.

In the 90s, AAWS sued the chip companies. The story is discussed at GSOwatch.org via this link http://aamo.info/ – why? They were trying to copyright the Triangle and the Circle, jealous of the how much money the chip companies were making. http://aamo.info/aa/fom_docs.htm is a good link to see the documents where AAWS tried to sue Frames Creative Arts for making chips – not that chips are that great although my dear friend used his desire chip to stay sober by actually reading the Serenity Prayer on the back! Novel! He was desperate.

The point is that these outside issues like chips and other BS only cause controversy for us and a drunk thinks they are going to drink if they don’t get their chip. Some idiot at the Saturday night meeting asked me if I had a chip so they could prove authenticity. A-holes. I said that it was irrelevant – I had already decided not to pass it.

Published by Anonymous Alcoholic

I have been sober following all the principles of AA as of 2/18/91. I am watching the deterioration of AA and I am determined to make available to others, how I have found to keep the principles alive.

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