I Have Known For A Long Time…

Now seeing that a very wise man stated it – I know this to be true. This is what needs to happen in AA. Now I am just waiting for the people to show up who are willing to use the Traditions to get it done. I only need 1 or 2.

I may be moving to a rural area – a district which appears to be “dark”. I just talked to one of my sponsors who lives in Northern Minnesota – the West Central Region – he is a past delegate with over 40 years – and he knows midwesterners. I told him that AA out where we will be moving is few and far between – it almost seems to be non-existant.

He explained that no, you go to the meetings that are in the directory and that’s where you find where the meetings are. They want to keep out the riff-raff because they know it’s life and death, so they have 1 or 2 front meetings and then if you show you are serious you find out about the others that are unlisted.

He said “In the beginning, before you could go to a meeting, you had to convince 2 or 3 guys that you were alcoholic. They were very protective of AA because they knew it was life and death.”


Maybe AA is alive and well in these little towns out in the plains. That would be a breath of fresh air – and I have all the things I have learned that I can bring out there, plus all my experience from the pre-4th edition days…

Maybe there is a renewal for me around the corner.

Published by Anonymous Alcoholic

I have been sober following all the principles of AA as of 2/18/91. I am watching the deterioration of AA and I am determined to make available to others, how I have found to keep the principles alive.

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