I Went To A F2F Meeting Today

There were 20 people there. Were we 6′ apart? Not really…

Of the people at the meeting…several of them were new – 1 with 25 days, 1 with a few weeks, 1 with 360 days, 1 with a year or so. All of them and many more talked about needing meetings. I went to a meeting every day for the first 5 years of my sobriety. The one with a few weeks was talking about how she was fantasizing at work about drinking today and then she prayed and she found out a close friend relapsed and then she came to a meeting.

WTF??? How the fuck would this girl stay sober if she did not go to the meeting and hear that because she prayed she got to a meeting without drinking??? She has a sponsor, yes, but she doesn’t live with her sponsor – if she just got out of work and prayed and went home she would not have heard from us about how her prayer was answered because SHE DID NOT DRINK. Yes it may be a no-brainer to all you sophisticated alkies who don’t need the Fellowship – but drunks of my type need that vital 1/3rd of the program…

How the HELL is everyone else staying sober right now? The Chairperson walked the basket around. I put $5 in the basket to help support this group staying open. At the end we held hands and said the Lord’s Prayer.

Fuck it. Is God Everything? Or else He is nothing. God either IS or He isn’t. What is your choice to be?

Published by Anonymous Alcoholic

I have been sober following all the principles of AA as of 2/18/91. I am watching the deterioration of AA and I am determined to make available to others, how I have found to keep the principles alive.

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