First Sunday of the Month…

Our group does the Traditions…

Here’s what we talked about today… Tradition 1 – Our COMMON welfare… who is “our”? Our is ALL of AA and all future members – that means that the individuals who decided to close their groups up and go online – their welfare follows closely after the common welfare of ALL. But they did not think about that when they closed up shop. Most of them have not told Central Office that they are closed and so a newcomer went to 3 different meeting locations before finally coming to our group … Selfishness Abounds huh?

Tradition 2 – We have ONE ultimate Authority – God. Not the cops. Not the Governor. Not the CDC. God. Our group called the city and got a rating of “essential mental health service” – Had the other groups and clubs thought to do that, they might still be open – but they were thinking of themselves. Fortunately for us – we rely on God’s care and protection so we don’t have to take our will back that way.

Tradition 3 – The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking – Membership does not depend on money or conformity – well guess what? Being online requires MONEY and newcomers may not have a phone or money or internet access – for example – my roommate lost his FLIP-PHONE phone in the beginning of March – he is not online – he can’t get another phone because all phone places are closed – so – he is just locked out of meetings – sitting home reading the Big Book. Being online requires a smart-phone – that is CONFORMITY.

Tradition 4- Each group is autonomous – EXCEPT in matters effecting other groups or AA as a whole. 1500 groups shut down in my city and 3 are open. Do you think that might effect other groups? AA as a whole? The f2f groups are getting bigger and bigger – there is a limit of how many people can attend at once and the group might get shut down if it exceeds that number. Another group is going to discuss adding more meetings to their schedule to accommodate the drunks who need a real AA meeting.

Tradition 5 – Each group is a spiritual entity… this means that the newcomer WALKS into the group and the palpable prayers of the group shed their obsession. This means that there are meetings one-on-one between members before the meeting and after the meeting. This means that there is a group conscience. Good luck with that online.

Tradition 6 – Problems of money, property, and authority – this was covered in 2, and 3 – who is the authority? God? or is it a bunch of drunks who make snap decisions without looking at the traditions that might lead them to think of OUR common welfare and come to the willingness to ask for the “exception” status.

Tradition 7 – Each group is fully self-supporting… the face to face meetings may or may not make their rent because their normal people are not showing up – Just imagine this scenario – no passing the basket online – how is the group going to pay their rent? If they want to go back to face to face eventually will they have lost their location? In Boomtown, USA will they be able to afford to get a new location? I have heard of Intergroups going online now to avoid paying brick and mortar rent – what good are you? Where are people going to get literature?

Tradition 8 – We are not professional but our service centers may employ special workers – who get to decide when they show up. Our Central Office is closed – is rolling over their number to volunteers – last week – the number went to some guy named Ryan – they made a mistake. This is the worst time to make mistakes since how the hell are newcomers going to find AA without our central office being on the ball?

Tradition 9 – We need the least possible organization – we have become totally organized because 1500 groups shut down because they made snap decisions and did not think of impact it would have. They are organized around using their opinions instead of spiritual principles to make decisions.

Tradition 10 – Coronavirus is an OUTSIDE ISSUE. Yes. It. Is. And yet AAWS is promoting using Zoom on the website.

Tradition 11 – Anonymity at the level of the internet? Zoom – collects your name, pictures, and meeting into the Zoom Cloud – AAWS talks about how to protect your privacy on Zoom but does not mention anonymity.

Tradition 12 – Our Great Blessings have definitely spoiled us. We are totally DISUNIFIED. Only time will tell what will happen but it sure looks like the onliners and the face-2-facers are breaking AA into 2 halves, of which AAWS is the onliners, and the onliners are shaming the face-2-facers for not going online.

With all these Traditions being violated – I would not go near an online meeting with a 10 foot pole. I go to face to face – I hear it’s working for some, but we had a gal show up tonight after not being at a meeting for 3 weeks and she was in bad shape – she needed FELLOWSHIP which is 1/3 of the program. We had a guy show up who relapsed and showed up with a mask on that his wife made him promise not to take off and he kept it on to start keeping his promises to her again – he was crying – because he relapsed having not been at a meeting for 3 weeks.

And our group looked at what we could do to be of more service. For one thing – we discussed not watching the news because we want to be in fit spiritual condition for the new people. We will go to more meetings to be available. We might have to extend our meetings by going into homes… or by adding meeting times at our meeting place.

Published by Anonymous Alcoholic

I have been sober following all the principles of AA as of 2/18/91. I am watching the deterioration of AA and I am determined to make available to others, how I have found to keep the principles alive.

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