Where is the Unity?

The other day I went to a meeting and I met a woman there, who like me, was not wearing a mask. We hugged – she said it was the first hug she had received since Mid-March. I said that I believe that I am protected due to page 102, and threw in that I also think this whole thing is bullshit … we struck up a conversation about outside issues – and it seemed as if she and I could become friends… She also has 34 years which is refreshing because there are few people I know who have more time than me who are not on zoom.

As the conversation continued, however, it became clear that she wants to convert me to what she is watching on Youtube. She also has no idea about the Traditions… in retrospect, I wish I had not talked to her at all about outside issues because, even though we agree that this covid thing is a mind-control plandemic from the deep state – we don’t agree on so many other things about it that the fact that we are alcoholics in AA no longer matters…

And besides, she knows nothing about the Traditions and she talks to her sponsees about the deep state stuff. The last exchange we had was when she gave me a Qanon video to watch. I responded with a horseback riding place and said nothing about the video. I have not run into her since.

I have made the sharing outside issues with sponsees mistake in the past – and hope to not do so again. It is up to recovered alcoholics to find out for themselves what is going on in the world, or suffer the consequences of remaining ignore-ant. This is between them and God. God decides who is called to know and who gets to remain asleep, but this is definitely not for AA. As an alcoholic, i have so much fear as it is, that I had to ease into the knowledge of what is going on in the world and I had many episodes where I went to bed for a couple of weeks after things I learned.

Yes, I got a lot stronger and I evolved spiritually, and am grateful that I am where I am at now for this craziness going on, but who am I to say who is ready for that information. And it is very disunifying. We have ONE primary purpose – to carry THIS message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

I have told sponsees non-AA things over the years and it has always backfired in my face to do so. Even my close friend who I have known for 25 years in AA and I are not getting along very well right now because she is buying this covid thing hook, line, and sinker and I am not. But I live in a much freer state than she does.

It’s tough to do a 10th step with someone who believes what I am doing is wrong but that’s where we have to place Principles before Personalities, I guess.

Published by Anonymous Alcoholic

I have been sober following all the principles of AA as of 2/18/91. I am watching the deterioration of AA and I am determined to make available to others, how I have found to keep the principles alive.

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