The Only Group I Can Now Go To…

Is a group I said in 2007 that I would NEVER go back to again. Yup. Never say never. This group is “open to everyone” so it has no 5th Tradition. Oh well. They don’t have cameras and there is a group conscience, of sorts.

There is a heavy biker chick presence and I, although I am tattooed – am not a biker chick – been there done that and am still not a biker chick –

but I am a recovered alcoholic and I will just go there and make my stand. I am very susceptable to energies- but I am just going to have to make my strong position there – and that’s that – cuz I aint goin back to the clique meeting.

Most of the people at biker chick group also go to Mr. Guru’s place. It’s just so fucking weird. It’s like they refer to the real AA group as though it’s a pathetic thing they keep going and then they go to heaven when they go to Mr. Guru’s place. .

I feel like the fact that I have the Traditions is like I have magick and I have to keep it hidden or I will be burned at the stake.

Honestly, I detest Alcoholics and Alcoholics Anonymous in the current condition it is in- the state of Entropy. Oh well. Gotta make lemonade!

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