And Yes…They Voted To CHANGE THE BIG BOOK!!!

Unbelieveable. They will take out “To The Wives”, “The Family Afterward” and “To The Employers”, and they will change the pronouns to they and them and develop new stories.

(These chapters contain some of the most profound principles about how we live with our fellows, by the way – You should take a look at p. 118 for an example – this page shows us how to deal with an argument that we are having with our partner.) Just ONE of the many gems in these chapters – but GSO thinks we don’t need this now – somehow at a time when humanity is 50 times more self-centered than we were in 1939, we don’t need to know how to treat our significant people.

Hey just watch TV – you will learn there for sure.

It is a good thing we lost the copyright to the Big Book and it’s in the public domain. Anonymous Press is our answer. – but will the groups agree? Who knows.

It is amazing this day has come.

I got my info from a Past Trustee who I trust way more than anyone who works at GSO… and on a side note – when I say that what I mean is that you would have to lie to yourself to work at GSO – there is no way to work at GSO and be in integrity with yourself. I know this because I have known people who worked at GSO – and they were great charismatic talkers who lied – and didn’t even know they were lying…

This is what the lying swine wrote me back from the GSO:

Here is the Advisory Action you may be referring to on the development of a 5th Edition:

It was recommended that:

A Fifth Edition of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, be developed, including an update of stories to better reflect current membership, keeping in mind the 1995 Advisory Action that: “The first 164 pages of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Preface, the Forewords, ‘The Doctor’s Opinion,’ ‘Dr. Bob’s Nightmare,’ and the Appendices remain as is,” and that a progress report be brought back to the 2022 Conference Committee on Literature.

The development process will take several years so there is ample opportunity for the Fellowship to decide they do not want to do this after all. 

I’ve attached a few articles from Box 459 and Grapevine about the process for creating the 4th edition. It may be helpful in understanding what we did last time (though each edition has its own particular process.) Also it talks about Bill W.’s involvement in developing the Second edition.

I hope this is helpful.  You can contact your Area Delegate for more information and to express your point of view on the actions.

In fellowship,

Jeff Wine

Jeff Wine, G.S.O. Staff

Yea – JEFF WINE – it speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

He also included these 3 docs for me:

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