How the Democratic Service Structure Was Destined To Fail Because It Is A Violation Of Natural Law

Upon careful study of Natural Law, I have found that there is no way, within Nature, to RE-present another being. You have to take it down to if there was only 2 people on earth: Each would present themselves. That’s it! Therefore, we have been honeyfuggled into believing that we can send re-presentatives, or “Delegates” to the Conference, and they will somehow be able to carry the collective voice of their Area. This is the microcosm which is mirrored in the macrocosm of the “government”. It neither works at the Federal, State, Local or AA levels. It simply is not true. Even our 12 concepts prove that. It is a nice idea, in theory, but it never works beyond maybe the first time it’s tried. From that point on, it slowly dis-integrates into a tyranny. That is what we see now in our government, and in or Board of Trustees.

In order for it to work, it would mean that every single person elected, or a majority of them, would have to be a principled person who was honestly practicing the 12 steps themselves and who was spiritually in the right place to be able to Stand Up for Principle, against all odds. This is simply impossible to guaranty in God’s Universe. Eventually, I will do an analysis of the 12 Concepts and the Service Manual (which by the way has been voted, by the last Conference, to be completely revamped). The fact that the Conference voted to revamp the service manual, among all the other ridiculous things the Conference has voted in of late, proves that the Service Structure is guaranteed to fail because inevitably human beings will stop following the principles at that level. They may continue to follow them at a personal level to stay sober (if they are even alcoholics) but at the Service Level, they will not be able to stand up to the inevitable Involution of the structure, which is now a hierarchy, and produces Group Think, brought on by the disintegration of the outer society and reflected in AA. There is a natural ebb and flow in the Universe, and that is what we are currently experiencing – the ebb.

My main purpose in doing service at that level was to grow up in AA. I wanted to learn how to put all of our principles into action and grow up into a person who could work, with principles, together in community of others using principles, for a higher purpose. What I found instead, was that it was really a bunch of personalities following a bunch of charismatic egos and it was highly clique-ish and political. I immediately rubbed the “higher ups” the wrong way because I referred to the Traditions rather than getting these “personality’s” approval. I cemented my reputation at the Area Level forever. Whenever I step foot in an Area event, and run into the past Delegates that I have known for years, I am immediately treated with extreme sarcasm and disrespect. No matter what hat I am wearing at the Area level, they never let me live down that I dared to stand up and have a voice for my group, without licking the appropriate asses in the appropriate order.

These people are “house slaves”. They don’t even realize that they are carrying on the hierarchy from the external world into AA. This is not at all intended to happen from the use of the principles in AA. But, the lack of principles, along with the use of Parlimentary Procedure, and egos, just creates tyranny. My sponsor had the same experience when he was Trustee. This is why democracy does not work. If you don’t kiss the right ass in the right way, it won’t matter what your amazing idea to help AA is – it will still be put down and you will be tormented for the remainder of your service career. This is hardly placing PRINCIPLES before personalities, or putting the common welfare first, or Warranty five in Concept 12 – “That no Conference action ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy”. The Board was personally punitive towards the buyer of the manuscript in 2017 and incited public controversy by filing an injunction. If you don’t know what I am talking about, do the research.

We are all mind-controlled into believing that a democratic government is by the people and for the people, but it is not. AAWS is a reflection of that and it is also doomed to failure. Not too many are going to believe this because it requires a huge leap of faith and an open mind to realize that we have been hoodwinked. It took me 2 years of research to get comfortable with this fact. The implications of this are what? Do the research. I listened to Mark Passio’s podcasts on Natural Law and what on earth is happening – – I gave you a link to the original Natural Law Seminar on the Reference Page.

Listen to the podcasts in order starting from #1 to get the education – or take my word for it.

Here’s a link to the page where all the podcasts are.
There are 196 podcasts from 2008-2012 and then there about 26 videos from this year.

Or you could just take my word for it. Politics is just used as a distraction, while the powers that be do bait and switch to get their way. It’s happening at the General Service Board. GSO Watch has documented cases that go back to the beginning of negligible behavior by the Board, getting their way from the inception of AA.

Voting is an absolute deception. It does nothing. And the powers that should not be have us all hoodwinked into believing that this is a “free” country because it is a democracy. Yea right. Our country was a free country because we had a Constitution which declared our inalienable human rights on a piece of paper – BUT – we would actually have to LIVE as if we had those rights and STAND up for them on a regular basis and not just expect that the “government” which was always supposed to be “small” is going to honor those rights. The same is true for the Traditions. We must stand up for Spiritual Principles because they can’t stand up for themselves. Having them hanging there on the wall does not guaranty our protection- Reading the Tradition of the month does not guaranty our protection. We each would have to take that responsibility on ourselves and stand up for the Traditions, and the Group Conscience in every meeting where it was being violated, in order to establish the Traditions in such a way as to set an example for incoming AAers.

In fact – the fact that our forefathers did not know that we should have NO government either shows their ignorance of the matter or that they were in on the inevitable tyranny that we now find ourselves in – or it could be that because we stole this land violently from the people who already lived here has guaranteed our fate as slaves.

The only government that works – is that which is stated in the 2nd Tradition -a loving God – an inner government – and AA gave us a way to have this in our Fellowship and we have rejected it for slavery to personality.

As a mirror of this – the same is true regarding the GSO and the Delegates – we have no voice or say in what they are doing if we ever did. We might have had a little in the beginning to keep us believing in it but that’s gone.

Right there- that is an oxymoron. If we expected to be free at all, we would never have had ANY government. Some of our forefathers new this – just as the formation of the FREE SOCIETY was formed, at that same moment, another society was formed to destroy it. And that’s what is going on in our world as well as in AA. You can do the research, here’s one link I found on this if you care to.

Alcoholics Anonymous could not be formed in a full on Slave Society – like the one we are going into now – which was planned by the secret government, the Tri-lateral commission, The Council of Foreign Relations, The U.N., the Dark Occult, the Skull and Bones and Dark Freemasonry which the Globalists are using to take power over the world.

The formula that is Alcoholics Anonymous creates human beings who are Anarchists – Latin root- “An” meaning “NO” Archon “Rulers” – Through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, a person is able to have a direct connection to God – without the need for an intermediary – priest, pastor, cop, governor, president – no external ruler or governor is needed.

This is why it is so dangerous. The Rockefeller’s are members of the Dark Occult Bloodline set to do away with all human freedoms. You can find links to my resources on this on the Reference Page. They are the medical and food end – starting out with merging with Bayer in the 20s to form the AMA and now Bayer merged with Monsanto – duh! (I should mention, my sponsor does thinks I am out of my mind for believing this stuff, but again, I did research for 2 years into what is going on in the world, and these are the conclusions I have drawn. Do your own research.)

That’s why they put their men in the Alcoholic Foundation. Those people, Bernard Smith, Frank Amos, Willard Richardson, etc guided Bill in the creation of the Service Structure to ensure that it would fail – as it is now. I am not sure that all of Rockefeller’s men knew that they were dismantling AA from the start – they could have just been pawns in the game – since Bernard Smith fell in love with AA and became a close friend of Bill W., however – they’re influence on ensuring the democracy aspect and the right-side-up triangle in the circle – ensured our downfall.

Most people will probably think I am cuckoo for saying that a symbol could have such a huge influence – but this is some of the hidden knowledge that laymen just don’t know – and don’t know that they don’t know. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But most of us don’t take that seriously. It is.

That 85% of the brain that “we don’t use” is being used by the Globalists – they have been schooled in ancient knowledge of psychology of the human mind – look at the thousands they spend on their “logos” – symbolism speaks to the subconscious mind – and they made a hierarchy occur in AA by the use of the upright triangle in the circle, and the democratic system.

They don’t want inner-monarchs to conquer – they want willing slaves – and that’s what they have – a bunch of “powerless” drunks totally disunited – and the outer populace – emasculated – torn asunder…

Therefore – it is a moot point to continue trying to use it. You cannot cure a sick system from within. A new system has to be built in it’s place. Basically, give up doing anything above the District Level. Going to Assemblies is fine- but the “Delegate” role is a farce. That, coupled with the upright triangle in the circle is a guaranteed tyranny in which the Board of Trustees governs the Fellowship.

Of course, what I am saying here could be misconstrued as a violation of Tradition 10. I am not supposed to bring up controversial issues of politics, alcohol reform or sectarian religion. What I am bringing up here is none of these if you are serious about changing AA and planting it’s roots on stable ground, but a brainwashed mind-controlled populace will believe it is “politics”.

Good luck with that. It is the very structure upon which our Fellowship is built that needs to be redone so that it does work and does last.

– so we would have to just be in small tribes – maybe follow the Iriquois Confederacy set up – and use Consensus decision making -I have provided that here for you as well.

I have been a GSR on 2 separate occasions. I have tried to carry a group’s conscience with the Traditions to back it up, to the Assembly and seen it destroyed by personalities before principles – without the Traditions even being consulted. I no longer believe that the service structure is anything more than a distraction. I know that AA could thrive as groups that work together at the District level and even have state-wide Assemblies, to carry the message. We could print our own literature or buy it from Anonymous press. We could cut ties with the cumbersome and out-dated GSO and AAWS and we would actually do much better than we are doing because we would be dealing with the issues in our geographical locations.

To do this, just stop electing GSRs. Just have intergroup reps. Do your local service. Focus on helping alcoholics in your city and neighboring towns. Each group do your own CPC Presentations – that’s how people can grow up in AA today – through doing CPC, Treatment, and PI within the community – but let the sick part of AA go and just stop participating in it. Stop sending money to the Area or to GSO. That’s my point of view on it. My sponsor does not agree with me at all on this, but that’s fine. Most people cannot see the truth about Democracy because they would have to go down the “rabbit hole” of why it exists and what is really going on in the world to see that it is a LIE. Most people don’t want to do that. They would rather stay slaves than see the Truth.