How To Think…

The book Alcoholics Anonymous was written in 1939. It was based on writings from the late 1800s. The schooling of children at that time was one of a Liberal Arts Education. Children learned Latin and used The Trivium and Quadrivium as methods of logic. Debating using Logic was common practice to lead to minds which could think for themselves.

The definitions of words in the Dictionaries of that time are different from what they are today. Read Bernard Smith’s Talk to read about the old vs. the new definition of the word happiness.

All this has since been sanitized from our Educational system: Critical Thinking Skills, Logical thinking and debate – Latin – leaving us pretty dumb’ed down in 2020.

We even now are using the computer to do our step work, when it was always done by hand – for a reason. In order to connect the head to the heart, you have to use hand-writing.

I am including links to these old ways of learning in the Reference Material page, as well as a link to one post I wrote about using the Trivium to understand Spiritual Principles.

Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob were educated in this old way. This is evidenced by Bill, after 2 years of drinking a fifth of Bathtub Gin a day (stronger than Everclear), being able to read Varieties of Religious Experience by William James, in Towns Hospital. I can’t even read that book, now, 28 years sober. Getting off Facebook alone, 6 weeks ago, has restored my ability to read without skimming.

Integrated Methods of Critical Thinking and Apophatic Inquiry are required to automatically understand how to apply the 12 Traditions. We use apophatic inquiry when we do the 4th Column of our Inventory. p. 64 Alcoholics Anonymous, “We searched out the flaws in our makeup which caused our failure.” Where have I been selfish? dishonest? self-seeking? frightened? – these are questions of apophatic inquiry, from which we discover that which we not, and therefore what we are. Apophatic Inquiry looks for what a thing is not, to find out what the thing is.

Answers to questions like “Why was this taken out of our education system?” are for YOU to do the research about if you would like. Some links on the Reference page might get you started.

some are here:
The Trivium, by Mark Passio
The Trivium & The Quadrivium, by Mark Passio
The Trivium, the Unity Process
Apophatic Inquiry as part of the Trivium to learn Critical Thinking Skills to apply the Traditions