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Outside Literature, as well as old AA Literature, that I have found helpful to reconstitute the original principles of AA. The information that I use to draw my conclusions and to understand what is going on in AA and in the world, is controversial.

The word “controversial” from Latin. “contra” – against “verse, versare” – turn – so – turn against – We have to turn against what we know to find out what we do not know. What we know got us here. As the Big Book states – we have to be willing to let go of our old ideas completely, in order to find a new way of living.

Take what you like and leave the rest. This is just how I have come to understand the state of Involution that AA is currently in and that society is also in. I needed to go outside of AA to find answers to my questions and to find the flaws in the AA service structure so as to not repeat them for the future.

Information on John D. Rockefeller, JR, that might surprise you.
Gold Cure for Addiction
Information on the Rockefeller Family, read it and draw your own conclusions.
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Mark Passio

Natural Law Teacher

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Emmet Fox

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These specific books by Emmet Fox that have helped me to understand the principles in the AA Program, as never before – all purchased for very little on ebay.

The Kybalion

7 Hermetic Principles which Underlie Natural Law


John Taylor Gatto on The Dumbing Down of America
The Thrive Movie
The Trivium, the Unity Process
The Trivium, by Mark Passio
The Trivium and the Quadrivium, by Mark Passio
Apophatic Inquiry as part of the Trivium to learn Critical Thinking Skills to apply the Traditions