There Are Way More Than 36 Principles…

What is a Principle?
Dictionary: 1a : a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption.
In this case, a Capital-L Law governs the consequences of behavior. There are Capital-P Principles and small-p principles. There is no escape from Laws. Like Gravity, if I violate these Spiritual or Natural Laws, I pay a Spiritual Price.

What is Natural or Nature? Nature comes from the Ancient Egyptian word NTR. They did not use vowels in ancient languages. NTR meant God. God’s Laws. The Laws of Creation – Spiritual Laws.

It says in Alcoholics Anonymous that we had to get down to the causes and the conditions which caused our failure – we were violating Natural Law and in order to stay sober we have to live by these Laws if we are going to be right-sized and be able to access the Power that will keep up sober and solve all our problems. I am not willing to pay a Spiritual Price anymore. I must live by these spiritual conditions in order to not have to drink again. That’s why I do it.

Capital-P principles are the ones that govern human behavior – those of Natural Law – like:

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Cause no harm.

  • Do not steal.
  • Do not steal by murder or assault.
  • Do not steal by coercion.
  • Do not steal by trespass – do not go where I am not invited
  • Do not steal by rape

This is why in Alcoholics Anonymous it says that fear ought to be classed with stealing as it seems to cause more trouble, in the 4th step – because Theft is the underlying Natural Law that we must not commit. Theft is caused by fear of not having enough, therefore Fear causes more trouble.

We blow by this line when we read this in the fear inventory because our entire society is based on Theft now- ever since those banksters did not get in trouble for stealing our pensions in 2008, Enron before that, stealing has become the fine art of American culture. It’s been a slow roll actually – first the Patriot Act stole our rights to freedom after in 2002 followed by the NDAA – but these are “outside issues” which have been influencing AA greatly, but you will have do your own investigation of that.

Basically, more and more theft has been going unpunished by Man’s Laws in our greater society and so we as a society are becoming programmed into believing that theft is how you get what you want. We have to pay attention to these things if we are going to stay recovered. What is good enough for the general populace is not good enough for us.

No. Just because Man’s Laws change with the wind, Nature’s Laws do not change. Man’s Laws often violate our Natural Law rights for freedom and support Theft.

The Law of Cause and Effect for example, what the Hindu’s refer to as Karma, is one of the governing Laws of Nature and it is behind Natural or Moral Law.

If you violate Nature’s Laws – Cause – the Effect will be that your life will suck. More of a reason to keep on drinking!

There are 7 of These Laws – go to the Reference Page – you will find them there if you want to do your own research. The Secret Movie got everybody hot and bothered about The Law of Attraction (for personal gain). The Law of Attraction is not a real governing Law – but the result of following Natural Law.

The Law of Cause and Effect – is what we see in our entire Inventory. We violated Natural Laws consistently and Effect was that we had the internal spiritual consequence of spiritual bankrupcy – the desire to end it all, take our own lives or find another way to live. Here we are in AA.

The Law of Correspondence – Another governing Law – As above, so below; as within, so without – which leads to what Bill W. states regarding – if I am disturbed it is because there is something wrong with me. The Law of Correspondence leads us to look within at where we are selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and frightened when we are disturbed by some person, place, thing, or situation. But there is so much more to the Law of Correspondence – because we can look at our greater society and see what is happening in AA. it’s a Fractal Universe – The Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm.

Even the 10 commandments go back to these Natural Laws. Do not covet – because it will lead to theft. Do the research.

These are overarching Natural Laws which govern this place – like the Law of Gravity these Laws exist and humans cannot change them. We can live by them, and then our lives will be better. We will go with the flow. The path of least resistance is to live by these Principles.

There are other Principles in AA – that are derived from these Laws or Principles. They are designed to help us alcoholics to live within the Natural Laws. They break down the overarching Laws into small bite-size pieces so that we can begin to use them and let them penetrate our incredibly self centered spirits, minds and bodies.

Then we have small-p principles. These principles may or may not be true – they may be laws that you made up in your mind or that came from well-meaning parents, that you have been living by, but that violate Natural Law, or they may be Natural Laws that you don’t like to live by because they limit what you believe to be your right and your freedom.

Here’s one: It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is to fall in love with a poor man. This small-p principle comes from my grandmother. I would say this principle is a violation of Natural Law because it seems to suggest theft by coercion – that love has something to do with what I can get from you. Reliance upon God nullifies a need to get a human power to solve my problems, which are solved in AA through spiritual principles.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty is as beauty does.

I am not enough. Nothing I do is ever enough.

These are all small-p principles that I had to take through inventory in the principles inventory in the 4th step to find the exact nature of my wrongs …

I will be constantly adding to the principles found in AA Literature, as well as discussing the big 36, which are actually 24.

Some of the other principles:

Preface, p. xi “Therefore the first portion of this volume has been left untouched in the course of revisions made for the second and third editions”. This means we don’t change what works. Instead we invite you to learn, using a dictionary, and taking the time and effort to raise yourself to the level of the Big Book.
Forward to the First Edition p. xiii, “The alcoholic is a very sick person.” This means that our disease is in remission, but there will always be things we have to do, one day at a time, to stay recovered.
p.55 “We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found.” The Kingdom of God is within. The steps will lead you to it, but then it is time for you to find it for yourself.

I am bodily and mentally different from my fellows: I am a distinct entity. I will never be like other people so therefore I cannot do what they do – I can’t sit around with my family and watch tv politics and argue. I deleted my Facebook account after 10 years of endorsing and opposing causes. I don’t drink Red Bull or any other energy drinks. I go to meetings and try to help other alcoholics, one day at a time.

AA Comes of Age: Appendix – talk by Bernard Smith, non-alcoholic CEO in his outgoing speech quoted Canon C. E. Raven, during a B r i t i s h Broadcasting Company program earlier this year. “Three conditions are necessary for a true fellowship: The possession of a common idea l involving a complete release from selfishness and division.

The discharge of a common task big enough to capture the imagination and give expression to loyalty. And the comradeship, the “togetherness” thus involved as we find out the joy and power of belonging t o an organic society and engaging in a whole-time service . We can find it at it’s fullest where the ideal is highest and most exacting, where the task extends and integrates every ounce of our strength and every element in our being, where the comradeship is so solid and deep that we respond one to another without conscious effort , realize the unspoken need and react to it spontaneously and at once.

“Under such conditions , all the vitality we usually waste upon our jealousies and our vanities—upon keeping up appearances and putting other people in their proper place – – – becomes available for creative use.”

AA used to be like this less than 2 decades ago.

More Principles of What AA Truly is from Bernard Smith’s talk as he rotated out as CEO of the Alcoholic Foundation:

A.A. is not a static, passive social organism but, in its
largest sense, a dynamic, creative force that releases our latent power
to live and act constructively
. Read the whole talk to find so many more Principles of AA…